How to convert any text to an SEO friendly slug with JavaScript?

Probably you are here to find a way to convert your text string into a slug. Me too wanted the same and could create the following quick and neat function after reading a couple of resources.
I find the below clean and foolproof function works well when converting any text string to an SEO friendly slug. 

function makeSlug(String) {
        return String
            .toLowerCase()           //Convert the whole string to lowercase
            .replace(/[^\w ]+/g,'')  //Remove all the non-word characters
            .replace(/ +/g,'-')         //Replace white spaces with hyphens
            .replace(/^-/g,'')          //Remove leading hyphens (caused by leading spaces)
            .replace(/-$/g,'')          //Remove trailing hyphens (caused by trailing spaces)

Then you can call the function with the text as your parameter.

var text = "Can you convert me to a slug?"
var slug = makeSlug(text);

And the result will be a hyphen separated, clean, SEO friendly slug.


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