How to Delete or Remove a windows service?

Are you looking for a way to Remove or Delete a windows service?. Here by a service I mean the processes listed under the service console of a windows operating system. 

You can use services.msc command on the run to open the service console. Then select the service you are planning to remove and stop the service from running by clicking stop on right click menu > All Tasks.

Also you can stop a windows service by following cmd command. Need to open the cmd as the administrator.

net stop "Service name"

Please be careful when you do changes to the windows services specially with the second option. If you delete the wrong registry it might harm your entire system.

I found two methods to do this job. The first one was not worked for me so I had to go for the second one. 

Method 1. Using the command prompt

Using the SC toolkit we can easily remove a windows service. Don't worry microsoft was kind enough to include it to the operating system. :)

sc delete "Service Name"

Please note if there are spaces on the service name you need to enclose them within quotes. Also make sure to run the cmd as the administrator.

Method 2. Delete from the registry

Open the registry editor by entering regedit.exe on run window.

All the windows services are located on this below reg path. You can find the name of the service you want to delete and delete it. 


You need to restart the system to finish the task.


You are welcome to share your ideas with us in the comments!


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